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I specialize in Trophy Spring Steelhead, Salmon and Sturgeon. I fish Tillamook-Bay and North Coast Rivers. I specialize In spring Sturgeon In Shallow waters In Astoria. I fish the Columbia River for spring Chinook Salmon. I have a 25' Jet-Sled and a 17' Drift-Boat. Are Trophy Steelhead Season Is March, On the Coast Rivers. Are drift boats are Heated. I also sell one day License. Pat Abel also offers bird watching tours by boat. Pat Abel fishing guide service is In the Portland, Oregon area and offers 3-4 hour crab trips In Tillamook-Bay.

Nestucca River Fishing

What most north coat rivers lack, the Nestucca makes up for, a huge drainage that keeps the river flowing strong. When most coastal rivers start to drop and clear shortly after a rain, the Nestucca’s flows stay strong and the river’s color remains excellent.

The Nestucca gives drift boat fisherman a excellent variety of launches, 5 to be exact, with the only limitation of daylight to keep the angler off the water. Once the river gets above the 5-foot mark the Nestucca will undoubtedly have fish present. Late October rains will bring the river into a fishable level, but if the first rains of fall occur sooner, don’t hesitate to make the drive the coast. Fish will have been staged in tidewater since early September, and the first freshet will signal these fish to move upriver.

“I know the fish are there, it’s the pressure that determines my drift.” Says Pro-Guide Pat Abel with Pat Abel’s Guide Service (503-307-6033 or ). “Farmers to 3 River, 4th Bridge to Farmers or, my favorite, 3 Rivers to Cloverdale. They are all excellent drifts.”

“When the holes are stacked up with boats, I’ll just plug all, and I mean all, available water,” hints Abel, “It’s amazing all the places you can catch fish, that are not fished.”

Like any coastal river using large plugs like Kwik fish and FlatFish are very productive. Since the Nestucca is a little larger than most coastal rivers, using a 20/20 Luhr Jensen Jet diver is needed to get your plugs into the proper zone. Since the Nestucca holds it’s color better than most coastal rivers, darker plugs work best. “My most consistent Kwik Fish is the Funky Chicken ( purple with some chartreuse), they just love it.” Says Abel.

One technique that is very productive on the Nestucca, but not practiced much on other coastal rivers is Diver and Bait. Many guides will run Diver and Bait all day long and never put on a plug. The most common set up for diver and bait is to run 6-feet of 30-40 pound leader to a 5/0 hook. Tie your leader to a 6 bead chain swivel, which is also tied to your 50-65 pound braid main line. On your main line attach an Oregon Tackle weight slider, so your 20/20 Luhr Jensen Jet diver can slide up and down your main line. Eggs and Sand Shrimp and/or a combination of the two are most effective bait on the Nestucca on fish fresh from the Ocean.

“Don’t get locked into one technique,” warns Abel. “Try different things, have 2 or 3 different egg cures. Use different size, make and color plugs. Pull over and bobber fish or drift fish.”

Since many fish will also spawn in the lower sections of the Nestucca, some of your catch may be close to spawning. “Release those dark fish,” says Abel, “Let them continue on their way to make a better run in years to come.”

Thanks to Andy Schneider from Fishing & Hunting News for sending us this great article about fishing on the Nestucca River guide Pat Abel and information and fishing tips for fishing the Nestucca River

Nestucca River Steelhead Fishing Guides And Salmon Fishing

     Daniel St. Laurent Salmon and Steelhead fishing guide. I fish the Columbia River, Tillamook Bay and all coastal rivers & bays nearby including Nehalem, the Wilson & Trask Rivers for Salmon & Steelhead and the popular Buoy 10 Salmon fishery. I also fish for Spring Salmon at Wind River and Drano Lake and the Willamette River. I'll give you tips and information to help you fish all those areas because I've been fishing them all my life and it's my passion. I live to get up every morning and fish and nothing is more fun to me than making sure my friends and clients are "on the fish" and in the right zone using the very best baits and lures. Please visit my website and contact me to book a trip. My promise to you is that you'll be glad you did  - 
Daniel St. Laurent  - 
St. Laurent Guide Service

Specializing in Winter Steelhead Fishing On The Nestucca River

John Krauthoefer, owner of Firefighter's Guide Service, is widely recognized as one of the North Oregon Coast's top fishing guides. With more than 35 years focused experience, Johns knowledge and expertise in some of the region's most celebrated fisheries has no equal. Tillamook Bay fall and spring Chinook, Nehalem Bay fall Chinook, Nestucca River Steelhead, North Fork Nehalem Steelhead (by Custom White Water Raft), Ocean Chinook, Silver Salmon and Halibut, Buoy 10 and Columbia River Salmon are all fisheries John has mastered. These are places were fall Chinook in excess of 60 pounds are caught, trophy Steelhead are found and spring Chinook jump on spinners and herring with reckless abandon. With John you'll be fishing premium gear in the comfort of his custom-built 26' Willie Raptor. Everything is provided except your license, rain gear and lunch. Firefighter's Guide Service is the difference between "Acceptable and Exceptional". Contact John by calling 503-812-1414 or

The Nestucca River is a river, approximately 50 miles long, on the Pacific coast of northwest Oregon in the United States. It drains a forested timber producing area of the Northern Oregon Coast Range west of Portland.

It rises in the mountains of western Yamhill County. Not far from its headwaters the river is impounded to create McGuire Reservoir, the primary water source for the city of McMinnville. It flows generally west through Bureau of Land Management land and the Siuslaw National Forest. It flows past Beaver, then southwest past Hebo and Cloverdale. It enters Nestucca Bay from the north on the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City. The Little Nestucca River, does not join the Nestucca but enters Nestucca Bay from the south.

Only the headwaters are in public ownership - being managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management - with most of the primary fishing areas located on private lands. The river offers a variety of boat fishing opportunities - from easy to difficult - and has 2 boat ramps and about 8 bank slides. Salmon and steelhead are most prevalent in the fall and winter. This river also contains wild coho salmon that are listed as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act.

Boasting a spring and fall Chinook salmon fishery along with both summer and winter steelhead runs, the Nestucca River is as productive a stream, from an angler’s perspective, as you will find along the Oregon coast. Spring Chinook enter the Nestucca beginning from late April into summer, although the season closes for them in mid-June. Peak season is usually mid-May until the season’s end. Fall Chinook arrive by September, holding in tidewater until the first fall freshets send them upriver, generally from October through December. This run usually peaks in mid- to late October. The Chinook runs are a mix of hatchery and wild fish. Both the winter and summer steelhead runs are made up primarily of hatchery fish, although wild fish are present as well. The summer run goes from June into January, peaking in early to mid-July, then again with the fall rains. The winter run lasts from mid-November through May. The hatchery fish peak in late December, while the wild fish tend to come on strong in late March or April. Spring Chinook run in the 18- to 20-pound range while fall fish run a bit larger at 25 to 28 pounds. Steelhead weigh anywhere from 10 to 12 pounds. There are also chum salmon in the Nestucca, but because of the run’s weakness, angling for these fish is no longer allowed. Key Species: Chinook salmon, steelhead.

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